• Jet Boeke

    Author and illustrator, well known for her Dikkie Dik picture books. Dikkie Dik merchandising by Kbizz.

  • Eva Gans

    Eva Gans

    Illustrator, designer. With one line she tells a story or an anecdote, inspired by her playful perspective on the mundane.

  • Sylvia van Ommen

    Sylvia van Ommen is illustrator. She discovers the humor and weirdness in small things of the normal, daily life.

  • Marenthe Otten

    Illustrator, graphic designer and typographer. Her work is radically different and appreciated worldwide.

  • floor rider

    Floor Rieder

    Illustrator and designer. She often uses patterns in her detailed illustrations, which reveal an unique and humorous style.

  • Loes Riphagen

    Loes Riphagen

    Illustrator and author of children’s books. Characterised as innovative and interactive by audience and press.

  • Jill Schirnhofer

    Jill Schirnhofer is a multi-talented creative: she writes, illustrates, produces, presents and acts.

  • Niki Smit

    Author of the 100%-series about fashion, love and friendship. A popular series among teenage girls.

  • Noëlle Smit

    Illustrator of many picture books. Her illustrations are colourful and dynamic. She usually works with coloured ink.

  • Legacy Peter van Straaten

    Cartoonist, illustrator and author. His work appeared weekly in national newspapers, monthly magazines and in many books.

  • Foto van Sieb Posthuma

    Legacy Sieb Posthuma

    Sieb Posthuma has left a comprehensive oeuvre: children’s books, costumes and stage settings for theatre and many illustrations.